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The synthetic reaction platforms available at our facilities cover a remarkably broad range of reaction conditions matching the most demanding synthetic workflows.
These include the following:

  • Combinatorial Chemistry & High-Throughput Screening
    •  Chemspeed ASW 2000 Automated Synthesis Workstation
    •  Chemspeed Accelerator SLT106
    •  Chemspeed SWAVE
    •  Chemspeed Autoplant A100
    •  Chemspeed FORMAX
    •  Chemspeed Miniplant

  • Microwave Assisted Synthesis
    •  Biotage Microwave Synthesis Systems
    •  Anton Paar Synthos 3000
    •  Milestone Ethos Continous Flow Reactor
    •  CEM Discover / Voyager Microwave Synthesis Systems

  • High Pressure & High Temperature Synthesis
  • Air-and moisture sensitive synthesis